About Us

Unmatched Experience, Compassionate Care



Although we focus primarily on children and young adults with spinal deformity, the Hey Clinic serves patients of every stage of life, providing quality, compassionate care that exceeds expectations. Through personalized attention, generous appointment times, and strong emphasis on patient education, Dr. Hey’s approach takes into consideration a patient’s physical, emotional and social needs. Dr. Hey and his caring team work closely with each patient, family and local physician, to develop a plan customized to his/her needs while also taking into account the patient’s physical, emotional and social needs. Through our custom information system, we build a comprehensive database with all of our patients’ images and create immediate documentation geared to better serve each patient.

At the Hey Clinic, we are committed to treating you, not just you or your loved one’s spine. By embracing a comprehensive approach to healing, our team fosters sincere relationships with our patients, creating the best possible experience.

Reshaping Lives Coast to Coast: Well Worth the Trip

In addition to the indicated green states, the Hey Clinic has also served patients as far away as Canada, Greece, Guam, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, the Philippines, Sweden and the UAE.

The Hey Clinic welcomes patients from the United States and beyond to our spine center. Though far for some, our patients tell us that our compassionate approach to treatment is worth the trip. If you are a patient visiting from out of state, please contact our office for a list of hotel accommodations to aid your travel experience.