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Many years ago, when I was hit by a car as a teen, I spent over 3 months in the hospital, having 11 reconstructive surgeries on my leg, and undergoing countless wound treatments and therapy visits from many caring doctors, nurses, and therapists.  It was a very painful, frightening and often depressing journey, but God worked through many caring people to encourage me and heal me. Eventually I was able to walk again, and even run again, and for several years after that experience, I would go back to that nursing floor at Glen Cove Hospital to thank the nurses and therapists who cared for me, and let them see that I could actually walk again!  I also enjoyed going back to see my Doctor Mark Pitman back for follow-up to share how his "investment" in my life, taking on a very tough case made a huge difference not just in my physical life to save my leg and allow me to walk and stand without pain… but also made a difference in my life as a whole.

Each week at Hey Clinic we get a chance to see many families often coming back after major reconstructive scoliosis and kyphosis surgery — from little children, teens, young adults and older adults — sharing their story of recovery.  Meanwhile, the hard-working nurses, and nurses aids, therapists and many others at Duke Raleigh Hospital, WakeMed Raleigh Children’s Hospital, and at Hey Clinic — have not had the chance to see the healing that has occurred.  These hard-working folks, some behind the scenes, only see our patients at their "worst", yet continue to care with compassion and excellence.

Since it is not always practical for many of our patients to just pop in on the orthopaedic floor, (and they aren’t allowed to "pop in" to the operating room or PACU/recovery room!), we’ve set out to use modern video / YouTube and blogging technology to allow these thankful families to share their stories here.  Hopefully this will help all of us to continue to serve with even greater compassion for those who are truly suffering, and to lend relief and comfort.

These stories can be found on the HeyClinic YouTube Channel, and we’ll try to add some each week.  I discovered this week that some of our preop and postop patients have already found some of these stories encouraging as well for their motivation and progress!  It is a total blessing to just have the opportunity to be a part of a web of caring relationships that brings joy and encouragement and healing in many ways.  — Dr. Lloyd Hey — Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery.

We saw Tiffany and her husband Dewayne in clinic this past Friday.  Tiffany is in her 30′s, and works for one of the other excellent hospitals here in Raleigh, NC.  She had scoliosis surgery with us here at Hey Clinic at Duke Raleigh Hospital, and shares her scoliosis story going all the way back to when she was initially diagnosed as a teenager.  She shares how this summer was the first time since she was in middle school that she was able to wear a bathing suit to the beach now that her posture has been restored — an important part of a holistic quality of life for many of our guests.  

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