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    Kyphosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

    James Megan

    Kyphosis is a progressive disorder that causes an exaggerated rounding of the thoracic spine (upper), which can cause a forward lean. It is often the result of degeneration or osteoporosis. In certain cases, a child may be diagnosed with kyphosis at a younger age, which may correct on its own through a growth spurt. Each body responds uniquely to this genetic condition.

    Kyphosis Treatment Options

    For patients experiencing degeneration or the need for spinal support in order to maintain an upright posture, a thoracolumbar support orthotic (TLSO) may be prescribed.

    Surgery is considered for patients whose curve is greater than 60 degrees or in certain cases when pain is not alleviated by other treatments. As every curve is different, every surgical procedure is unique to the patient and their body. Dr. Hey is continually working on customized techniques to provide optimal correction for each body type.

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