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    As we get older, it is frustrating to feel that our body is slowing us down. Our body begins to “settle” and may start to degenerate and lose bone quality. Oftentimes, the spine becomes the focus of our weariness and discomfort. Have you ever gotten back pain relief by leaning over the shopping cart? If so, the shopping cart is acting as a support, taking some of the load off of your spine. Frequently, strengthening your core abdominal muscles or adding a supportive low back brace can provide ongoing relief.

    While scoliosis is generally diagnosed in childhood, as we age, there can be a progression of an existing curve or the formation of a new curve. For females, this is especially true after menopause. The progression or formation of a new curve can come from hormonal changes, decreased bone quality and/or loss of disc space. This is especially true if there is an existing curve, as the weight on your spine has not been equally distributed over your lifetime. The same is true for kyphosis curves and their progression as we age. There are several conservative measures that can be taken to help with the pain associated with this. Surgical correction may be an option.


    71 year old Henry – underwent surgery for degeneration and spondylolisthesis

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                                                                                                                            Forever grateful,


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