We have many different treatment options available for our guests. Dr. Hey and his staff explore all the options. Each patient is educated on ones that fit their condition. Not all disorders have the same treatment options and each guest is unique as well. The following is a list of treatment options we may explore to help with your spinal condition.

Bracing is an option for adolescent scoliosis patients who are skeletally immature and have an initial measurement of 30-39 degrees, or in those patients who have a documented progression of a curve between 25-30 degrees. Custom molded braces can be ordered and fitted with our in-house Orthotist. A brace does NOT correct a curve; it is designed to halt the progression.

For patients experiencing degeneration, those in need of spinal support, a lumbar support orthotic brace (LSO) or a thoracolumbar support brace (TLSO) may be prescribed.

Spinal Injections
Spondylolisthesis may be helped by spinal injections, also known as epidural steroid injections or blocks, can help to provide relief at the level of the listhesis. The response to these treatments varies from patient to patient. We do not recommend more than three epidural steroid injections per year as it can affect bone quality.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy can help to strengthen isolated muscle groups to support the spine at various levels. This may help to alleviate symptoms associated with a curve. A physical therapist can teach patients exercises to help strengthen the abdominal core, a muscle group that significantly impacts the level of back pain. There are also options for aquatic physical therapy to help those with mobility constraints.

Surgery is considered for patients whose curve is not responding to conservtive treatment or in certain cases when pain is not alleviated with other treatments. As every curve is different, every surgical procedure is unique to the patient and his or her body. Dr. Hey is continually working on customized techniques to provide optimal correction for each body type.

Alternative Treatments
While massage, chiropractic care, Pilates, yoga, stretching and other therapies may provide symptomatic relief, these have been proven inefficient in correcting a scoliosis curve. The Scoliosis Research Society (www.srs.org) has published a paper on alternative treatments, which may be found below.

Alternative Treatments For Scoliosis